Don't Scream!

It’s the little things that can completely undo you on your wedding day; just for your personal serenity, consider packing these goodies in a tote and having them ready to go with you when you step into that limo (or Jeep, or Mustang or taxi!)

* Nail polish: your color, your attendant’s colors, and and clear to fix stocking runs. Nail file for snaggies.

* Extra stockings

* Flat white shoes or flip flops

* Anti-static cling spray, spot remover and white out for little spots

* Hairspray, bobby-pins, safety pins, pre loaded needle and thread in black, white and your bridesmaids’ dress color

* Antiperspirant, aspirin and scented talc

* Duplicate makeup

* Telephone list of everyone in the wedding party and all your vendors

* Small bills for unexpected tips and plain envelopes

* Bottled water, especiallly if it’s hot

* a CD of your first dance, just in case the DJ doesn’t have it.