Talk to the hand

No matter how simple, casual,intimate your wedding is going to be, you need a
“go to” person. They will run interference between you and anyone who has a question (and everyone will have a question), pay your vendors, keep track of gifts, the wedding license, and generally make things more relaxed for you. They should have a cell phone on them (until the ceremony, of course), and all your vendors (photographers, caterers, New Jersey¬†wedding officiant¬†, limo drivers, etc), should have that number. Your person should have a list of the people who are supplying everything from the cake, (as in “where is it!!!!), to the ceremony music, (as in “where are they!!!), to the flowers, (as in, “who ordered the poodle shaped carnation centerpieces???). Their sole mission for the day is to keep everything under control and out of your hair.Communication is a beautiful thing…

I recommend a number of incredibly professional and savvy wedding planners and coordinators, and I’m happy to suggest a person that will be perfect for you.