Raising the Bar

Here are three great ideas to keep in mind when you’re planning the refreshments for your wedding.

Limiting the bar selections at your  wedding reception can make that bar bill a bit more pleasant.  Go with wine, beer and a signature drink that matches your theme, your color, or your personality. As we get into the fall, we’re seeing a lot of pumpkin and cranberry martinis; at my New Jersey beach weddings, Blue Margaritas and Bay Breezes are always a big hit!   Your banquet manager or bar manager can help you create a drink that’s perfect for you.
You don’t even need to have liquor at your wedding reception; pick an assortment of wines that are local to the place your getting married or some of the significant places in your history as a couple.  These could be places you went to school, moved to afterwards, or just dreamed about.   All are  wonderful inspirations.  One of my couples picked a selection of wines from a winery near their college, where they met.  Another chose  six wines that all had dog theme names.  (The Dog Lovers’ Wine Club is a great resource finding great wines with dog names and labels!)   What a great way for everyone at your wedding to get a little inside glimpse of your story as a couple!index.cfm.jpg
A sparkling wine bar is a festive, upscale idea that doesn’t cost a lot.  In addition to offering two choices of wine ( Prosecco, Asti and Cava are less expensive choices), put out bowls of strawberries and raspberries, pitchers of peach, orange and pomegranate juices and maybe some Cassis for Kir Royales.