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“The perfect atmosphere at our ceremony”

Our ceremony was our favorite part of our wedding, thanks to Celia! Celia helped us to create the perfect atmosphere at our ceremony by her careful choice of wording and her flawless delivery. She was fun to work with throughout the whole process, and understood exactly how to communicate “us.” She is a beautiful writer, […]

Ring in the new

Your wedding rings are not only an outward symbol that you have made a life long commitment to the person you love the most, they can be a gracious reminder of your heritage. These beautiful rings are from a website called, appropriately enough, “Rings from Ireland“. Many of their selections feature traditional elements like Celtic […]

Something Old, Something New!

How about a wedding themed bar for your reception; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! (We can leave the sixpences and shoes out of this one….)   Limiting your bar selections keeps the cost down (just add beer, wine and soda) and adds a quirky, personal touch.  All that good luck wedding ceremony […]

"Hold These Hands"

A traditional Celtic handfasting  can be one of the most visually stunning and spiritually meaningful elements of your ceremony.  Many of my couples include this ritual; the juxtoposition of this ancient common law rite and our modern vows invites us to consider the different kinds of promises we make and how they illustrate  our relationships. […]

Gimme Shelter

No, it’s not going to rain on your wedding day. It’s going to be a beautiful, French Blue sky day with several floaty little clouds and a bird or two, flying in heart shaped formation over your New Jersey ceremony. Or maybe not. It’s the “maybe not” factor that we’re need to address. The bottom […]

Now this IS a great wedding idea!

This is from the New York Times a few years ago, but still,  how cool would it be to end your wedding with a marshmallow trolley??? Way cool. March 28, 2011, 1:00 PM Food Carts Make the Rounds at Hotels By ELAINE GLUSAC Treats at the Duane Street Hotel. Taking their cue from the food-truck trend, a […]

Whoopie!!!! What a Great Wedding Dessert!

Are these the cutest things ever?  I’ve always loved Mr. Food, the cheerful TV chef, but when I saw these I fell in love all over again. I instantly thought weddings (because I always  think weddings).  (You can get the recipe here.)  I think they would be adorable for a dessert buffet or as a […]

Why Knot?

Are you wearing a White Knot? I am; many of my friends and colleagues are, and here’s why: The White Knot is the symbol for support of Marriage Equality—the right for any loving couple regardless of gender to be married under the civil laws of the state and the country. Everyone should have the right to tie the […]


I am always happy to steal and pass along a creatve,  fantastic idea! At one of my cool NJ wedding ceremonies this weekend, my artistic couple  had a vintage  Polaroid camera resting on the table with their place cards and their guest book; M and C are both excellent photographers, and their “save the date” was a photo booth strip of them goofing […]

Wish upon a Wall; the Story of a Guestbook

You need a guest book. Or a guest quilt. Or a guest picture frame or plate…you get the idea; you need a place for your friends and family to write you a little message of good luck and love.  How about something totally different?  How about this beautiful wall of wishes?  Your guests can pick their […]